“IELTS Preparation Course”

  •  Do you find it hard to gain entry to your desired college or university?
  •  Do you know a lot of English but still feel nervous about the IELTS test?
  •  Are taking the IELTS test over and over nut not getting the band score you need?

Well, if you experience any of these frustrations, just call us at 778 929 4121 to learn more about our unique, fast-paced and clinical approach towards helping you reach your IELTS success with ease and confidence.

ILIA English Academy offers IELTS preparation courses to help students comprehend listening to recordings in different fields, understand academic texts, writing essays on various types of topics and speaking English confidently, accurately and fluently.

Our semi-intensive program is well-suited for students looking to prepare for the IELTS test in a shorter time-frame and at an accelerated pace. This program includes two 90-minute lessons per week and will last approximately 4 to 16 weeks (depending on the level as well as the improvement of students).

In this course:

  1. you will take part in small-size classes with flexible hours;
  2. you will receive standard and accelerated coaching;
  3. you will be given so many mock tests and individual feedback;
  4. you will be guided through the speaking and listening test modules with the focus on the skills and test-taking strategies for each question type;
  5. you will work on reading question types with detailed analysis of reading skills and test strategies;
  6. you will work step-by-step through each writing task, examine the key strategies for success in detail, and develop writing and language skills to achieve higher scores on the writing module.
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